Aug 122007

The KitchenAid Silicone Spoon Spatulas are a kitchen tool I really, really want to love.
The handle is nice and large, the head is shaped great for sauteeing and scraping out bowls, and the heat resistant materials are easy on all of my cookware.

The trouble is that the construction is, well, crap.

The first one I bought met its demise when its head snapped clean off right above the metal bit on the handle when I dropped it on the floor. Dropped it on the floor, people! What kind of self-respecting kitchen tool throws in the towel the moment the cook’s hands get slippery? The second one kept losing its head — the spatula part refused to stay on the handle, especially if you were using it on anything remotely sticky. It later broke in the same place as its predecessor as I was scraping kneaded bread dough out of my mixer’s workbowl.

So, as much as I love these spatulas during their short time of functional life, I have to recommend that you never buy these due to their severe shortfalls in quality and durability. Save the heartache and the seven bucks and buy a different brand.

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  1. There’s a place called Kitchen Collection that sells THE BEST spatulas. Wooden handles and the rubber tips NEVER fall off. Unless of course you leave it laying around haphazardly for the dog to chew.

  2. Oooh, thanks for that tip, Chrissa! I’ll have to check those out! Do you have a link I can follow? Kitchen Collection is (unsurprisingly) not giving me great google results.
    And really, can you blame the dog? I bet it just looked like a pretty stick to him!

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