Jan 302008

There are some days at work that are just way too hectic for me to break away for a bit, drive home, and prepare a delicious meal.

Luckily, I have this recipe, and I can make a delicious, healthy meal at work.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s occasionally too busy to get the much needed lunch respite, so in honor of all of us eat-at-our-deskers, I present this, a throughly modern, healthy, and delicious version of the typical American baked potato.

Rosemary and cumin: the major flavor players
Nikon D50

If you’re like me, that previously mentioned russet potato (a starchy root whose super-nutritious skins are largely discarded), piled high with butter (artery clogger #1), cheese (A.C. #2), sour cream (A.C. #3), bacon (A.C. #4) and chives (woah, an innocuous one managed to get in there) is pretty unappealing. Try this take instead: a yam (not candied, but left in its pure fiber- and vitamin-rich form), piled with tangy plain yogurt (pretty healthy, especially when compared to sour cream), cumin (a wonderful spice), and rosemary (another fantastic flavor). See, the beauty of this lunch is that not only is it as easy and quick to prepare as the four-fold artery clogger, it’s much more flavorful because you use herbs and spices and not lots of animal fat on a root veggie that already has plenty of flavor on its own. (Quick note: yes, that is a jar of ground cumin – I buy most of my spices whole but I go through cumin so fast that I don’t take issue with buying it ground. I do keep whole cumin on hand, but for a quick, easy recipe like this it’s just easier to take the shortcut.)

And I must admit it: I’m a sucker for the yogurt, cumin, and rosemary blend. I first ran across it in middle eastern lamb spread I make around Easter and for some reason it just works with the yam. And really, with fresh, flavorful ingredients like this, what’s not to love? Unless, of course, you count the glares of envy that your Lean Cuisine-reheating office-mates will be shooting you when they smell the lunch you’re walking around with.

Healthy, delicious, and ready to eat in minutes
Nikon D50

Baked yam with middle eastern flavors
A Jitterbean original
Serves one

One medium-sized yam (about 12 ounces), washed
About 1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt (organic varieties like Stonyfield Farm or Nancy’s have much more flavor than brands like Dannon)
About 1 teaspoon ground cumin
Leaves from one 6-inch sprig of fresh rosemary, minced
Using a fork, prick holes in the yam. Bake the yam by cooking it on high in the microwave (about six or seven minutes, but will vary wildly with its size and shape) or in a 425 degree oven (again, cooking times will vary wildly).
When the potato is tender all the way through when poked with a fork, split it down the center. Heap on yogurt, cumin, and rosemary to taste. Mix well and enjoy.

  2 Responses to “Baked yam with middle eastern flavors”

  1. The plan is to make this yummy sounding/smelling/(I’m absolutely positive) tasting lunch on Monday… care to join me? 🙂

  2. Ooooh, enjoy! I wish I could join you but I’m on mids this week 🙁
    Don’t skimp on the toppings – I know there aren’t a whole lot in the photo but excess rarely photographs well. Don’t be shy about piling them on – especially the cumin and rosemary 🙂

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