May 162008

I just so happened to be wandering the aisles of New Sagaya today, lamenting my recent travels and the Martian death flu that resulted in me not cooking in a full two weeks, steadily depleting my frozen stores of homemade soups, breads, and lasagnas, and dreaming of making yet another Margherita pizza, and before I knew it I was in front of the seafood case.

*cue soft-focus light and an angelic choir singing*

It was a beautiful sight that greeted me.

Fresh (fresh!) red salmon! Not frozen, but fresh! And not any red salmon, but Copper River red salmon!

It had been so long since I had seen fresh red salmon, I must have started salivating right there. I quickly ordered a small fillet, kinda glad that someone had neglected to scrawl the price on the glass with a grease pencil.

And let’s just say that it’s a damn good thing I got paid that economic stimulus free money today. Yessiree, at $25 a pound, I’d better have had some serious cash on hand for that kind of extravagance. But I’m an Alaskan who believes that you’ve gotta get the seasonal seafood when the getting’s good so I was more than happy to shell out.

But here’s the real salmon snob coming out in me here: I don’t understand the premium placed on Copper River salmon. I know that it’s shipped all over the country to be served in fancy-pants restaurants and so the whole law of supply and demand dictates that that particular fish is going to be spendy. Despite that, I honestly think that regular ol’ any-river-in-Alaska produces tastier – and more economically priced – sockeyes. But I’m only human and it was the first fresh salmon to be in a seafood case since September and I had a free six hundred bucks in my pocket! Right then, in that moment, I could afford to pay a premium for the first reds of the season.

It was in my oven less than half an hour after being dearly bought and it was in my tummy shortly thereafter. And it was yummy. Salmon season, how I love thee so!

First salmon of the season, dearly bought
Nikon D50

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