Oct 242009

If you’re a bread baker, you know that there are reams upon reams of bread books at any given bookstore. The question will inevitably arise: which one is your desert island bread book? Which book can catapult your bread baking up to the next level without having to spend hundreds on classes? Which book is the definitive bread book for serious home bakers?
For many, many bakers, the answer is The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. My mother-in-law gave me the book some time ago, and I had opened it often, ogling and drooling over the bread porn, but as of yet, I still haven’t made anything from it. I know, travesty!
So, thanks to a fabulous idea from Nicole of Pinch My Salt, I am going to take the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge! I’ll make every recipe in that venerable tome in order and, of course, will document it here! I’ve also recruited my mom Trisha and my Alaskan friend Heather, both formidable bread bakers, serious foodies, and super fun folks all-around.
If you’d like to join our small band of yeast enthusiasts, go buy a copy of the book, read the first hundred pages on deconstructing bread, and then roll up your sleeves and dive right in with anadama bread!

About to take the plunge
Nikon D50

  3 Responses to “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge: Statement of Intent”

  1. Can’t wait! Love your blog…love to bake & tinker with bread…just perfect.

  2. Love that picture!!

  3. Thanks RJ and Heather!

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