Oct 092012

Leah (seven days old) and mama

There’s been some silence around her for the last couple of weeks. With good reason, I should add: as I had mentioned in several posts, I was (very, very) pregnant and on September 11th, I gave birth to a little girl named Leah. She has a winning personality, the most adorable smile you’ve ever seen, and she’s completely won us over. She is, without a doubt, the cutest thing I have ever cooked up.

Little Leah

Needless to say, I haven’t been much cooking or blogging since. The posts that went up on the day of her birth and a few days after were scheduled ahead of time, so I definitely wasn’t trying to put the finishing touches on my salmon with green sauce post before we headed out to the hospital. Instead, I’ve been focusing on recovering and bonding with our new family member, and relying on food cooked by very helpful visitors and the food I cooked and froze in the final weeks of my pregnancy.

Sleepy swaddled Leah

This is all a long-winded way of saying that while I might be taking a bit of a break from the cooking, photographing (baby excepted), and blogging, it is for good reason and I will return. I have a bunch of posts already written up that just need photographs, so I do have material lined up. And never fear: though this post is pretty well saturated with baby-ness, I have no intention of turning this into an “OMG LOOK AT HOW KEY-OOOOOT MAH BEHBEH IS” blog. For just this post, though? OMG LOOK AT HOW KEY-OOOOOT MAH BEHBEH IS!

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  1. I particularly like your plating job on the second picture! 😉

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